Provence is a condominium community of 64 terraced ranch units. We are located at 5350 S. Jay Circle across the street from Isthmus Park. Incorporated within each of the eight condominium buildings are eight individually owned units. The square footage of the units range from 1244 square footage to 1577 square footage. The two story buildings  boast tile roofs and every unit has a private entrance as well as attached tandem garage and a private deck. When it snows the HOA has our streets plowed, and our driveways, front entrances, walkways,and walking paths shoveled. The buildings, grounds, walking paths, and streets are well maintained by contractors and we enjoy a bright, safe, and quaint community.

Our neighborhood is bright at night because our exterior driveway lights,the lights above our front doors, and the lights on the walking paths surrounding us come on automatically at dusk and stay on until morning light. We love living in Provence because it gives you the sense of living in a small village.We have very little drive-thru traffic so it is usually quiet except during recess at Grant Ranch School when we are serenaded with the happy sounds of children at play. In addition we enjoy the proximity of our homes to retail, hospitals, churches, schools, and the magnificent beauty of our wonderful State. Our Provence HOA officers are; President – Stella Madrid, Vice President – William McMillan, Treasurer – Don Halbsgut