Dorado Greens

Dorado Greens is a Covenant Enforced Sub-association within the Grant Ranch Community. It is comprised of 59 homes.

It has a 6 member Board of Directors that oversee the operations of our community. The Board consists of Buzz Cleveland, Bill Duddleson, Ron Rome, Ken Larson, George Kinzer, and Chris Witmer.

Some of the features of our community that make it a wonderful place to live are:

• A. Gated Community with gate maintained by DGHOA.

• B. Most homes have first floor master bedrooms.

• C. Front lawns and common areas maintained, with some limitations, by the DGHOA.

• D. Snow removal from front stoops, sidewalks, driveways and streets when certain

thresholds are met.

• E. Streets are maintained by the DGHOA.

• F. Many social events and opportunities including: evenings in the park, Summer and

Holiday Socials which are available for all residents.

• G. A reasonable monthly dues of $145 which include the amenities listed above that

are designated by DGHOA.


For additional information on Dorado Greens you may contact: Buzz Cleveland (President) at Phone 303-798-8244 or E-Mail: