Design Review Flowchart

This flow chart shows what happens once you have dropped your Design Review Request form off at the Village Center. The committee has 30 days from receipt to review your request. Most requests are reviewed, decisions are made, and homeowners are contacted with the decision within approximately 3 weeks or less. There are many factors that may cause this process to take longer, for example: incomplete information submitted (examples: paint swatches not submitted, materials to be used not submitted, no site plan or drawings submitted, etc.) or the Committee may request additional information before making a decision. This may extend the decision process past the 30 days.

If you live in one of the sub-associations, your sub-association will also need to approve your request. Most sub-associations have 30 days or more to review the request once they receive it from Grant Ranch. This additional time will extend the final decision past the original 30 days.

There are no set meeting dates for the Design Review Committee, as the Board hired a contractor to do the reviews. Therefore it is an ongoing process, and requests are reviewed almost every week.

Please click here for a copy of the Design Review Flowchart.

Contemplating a home improvement project?

Please review the Design Standards and Procedures.Then please download and complete the Design Review Form. Finally, return the completed form to the Village Center for inclusion in the review process.

Please note:There is a small application fee associated with the submission that needs to be paid in advance of the committee review. These payments should be made at the Village Center and vary depending on the total project cost:

  • $0 - $5,000 = $5
  • $5,001 - $10,000 = $15
  • $10,001 and above = $25
  • After project started $75

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